Studio ceramic bowl


By: Ashraf Hanna


Late 20th Century / Early 21st Century


Modernist form with intricate contrasting glaze effects. Impressed A to base




H: 13.25cms

D: 17cms


Price £335

large studio ceramic case


By: Sam Hall


Circ: Mid 1990's


Modernist form with colourful concentric bands of colours. Impressed seal SH to base




H: 28cms


Price £385

Very large sculpture form stoneware studio vase


By: Derek Davis


Circ: 1970s to 1990s


Modernist form with super glaze effects. Inspired by the likes of Hans Coper. Signed davis to base very good condition small klin chip near foot




H: 31cms


Price £395

Sculptural form studio ceramic vase


By: Alan Wallwork


Late 20th century


Organic textural modern form. Monogram incised AW to base.




H: 11cms

L along rim 18cms



studio stoneware pottery vase


By: Jim Malone


Late 20th Century.


Anglo / Oriental inspired decoration with super glaze effects. JM & L impressed seal to side near base.




H: 17.5cms


Price £225

Large stoneware jug


By: Phil Rogers


Late 20th / Early 21st century


Super Jug in the the Leach tradition in a light celadon glaze with incised line & small chevron decoration. impressed seal to side near base.




H: 22cms


Price: £245

Large stoneware studio pottery vase


By: Mike Dodd


Late 20th century / Early 21st century


Oriental inspired form with cut sided decoration & various glaze effects around the body. The impressed seal mark is to side near the foot & is obscured by the glaze.




H: 28cms


Price: £365

Large stoneware studio pottery vase


By: Michael Casson


Circ: 1970s to 1990s


Light blue glaze effect with finger swipe decoration.Clear seal mark to side near foot.




H: 26cms


Price £385

Sculptural shade form studio ceramic vase


By: Elizabeth Rayburn


Late 20th Century


Ruku Modernist form with blue painterly glaze effects & some crackle effects. Artist seal impressed under foot.




H: 23cms

L: Across rim 19cms


Price £265    reserved and awaiting sale

Large stoneware studio pottery vase


By: Trevor Corser at Leach Pottery St Ives Cornwall


Late 20th Century


Tenmoku & cream glaze with incised line decoration. TC & St Ives impressed seals to side near base.




H: 27cms


Price £235

Ceramic studio figural sculpture


By: Peter Wright




Man/Woman figural form, based upon which side it is viewed.Incised Wright 3:200 to base




H: 29cms


Price £295

Stoneware studio pottery vase


By: Janet leach at the Leach Pottery St  Ives Cornwall


Circ 1960s to 1980s


Salt-glaze stoneware with incised decoration. JL & St Ives impressed seal to side near base.




H: 9.5cms


Price £275

Large Studio Ceramic Charger/Platter


By: Sandy Brown


Late 20th Century


Figural painted decoration. Artist signature painted within the decoration.




H: 6cms

W: 34cms

L: 38cms


Price £365

Large Studio Ceramic Charger / Platter


By: James Campbell


Late 20th Century


Super painted landscape scene. impressed Campbell to base




H: 4cms

W: 34cms

L: 36cms


Price £365

Selection of studio Ceramics


By: Many Artists       Leach Pottery   Caiger-Smith   Aldermaston   Phil Rogers   Mike Dodd   Malcolm Pepper, to name but a few


Mid to Late 20th Century


Various forms / decorative effects etc




H: Various

W: Various

D: Various


Prices: Various

Selection of Studio Ceramics


By: Eileen Lewenstein   Alan Caiger-Smith    Aki Moriuchi


Circ 1970s to 2000s


Various forms & decorative effects.




H: Various

W: Various

D: Various


Prices: Various        Aki Moriuchi is RESERVED 

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